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Honey Cleanser


Product Description

This Manuka Honey based cleanser is a simple yet effective cleanser which removes make up, moisturises, cleanses and gently exfoliates dead skin cells.

With Organic Coconut Oil to help remove makeup and moisturise, Sodium Bicarbonate to reduce inflammation on the skin and lower the chances of developing acne and pimples. Its anti-bacterial properties help prevent breakouts on the skin and Manuka Honey to help soothe and heal the skin this cleanser does it all.

 After using this cleanser it will leave your skin really soft and moisturised and is ideal for acne prone skin.

The Natural Ingredients I'm made from

Organic Coconut oil, Manuka Honey, Sodium Bicarbonate, Tangerine Oil.


Send us your clean used bottle and we will sterilise and refill it. A win-win helping reduce waste and saving you $3.00.



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