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Nature Seal Bootwax

Nature Seal Bootwax


A beeswax based balm that is great for all leatherware and outdoor shoes/boots that are suffering from the exposure to the elements. Beeswax combined with plant oils aid in faster penetration into the leather while working to soften and waterproof. It also helps replace the natural oils lost due to sun wind and rain. Naturally repelling water and other liquids.

There are no neurotoxic petroleum by-products, no solvents, turps and no artificial fragrances in our homemade special recipe. Every ingredient is, 100% natural, biodegradable and earth-friendly.


Directions: Apply a generous application of Nature Seal to the leather boots, after carefully drying them in the sun or hot water cupboard. A second coating before use may be beneficial as Nature Seal soaks in. It is safe to use on leather boots with gortex or other waterproof linings.